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A Wholistic Approach to Product Improvement

Natural stone has a one-of–kind beauty that cannot be duplicated. It can be mesmerizing… depending on the source of the stone, the underlying geological activity that was used to produce it, and its aesthetics - its grains, its patterns, its colours, and the mix of naturally occurring crystals and mineral elements. We looked to the mountainous regions in Asia and other parts of the world for these unique granite and marble formations … and then, through wholistic innovation, we developed ways to make them better, stronger, longer lasting, easier-to-use, easier-to-maintain, and more affordable. 

A Unique Innovation – Resin Impregnation

Canadians are explorers and pioneers by nature. We look for ways to innovate and make things better. That’s exactly what we did with natural stone. We made it better… without sacrificing its natural beauty. We did that through a unique and proprietary process called “resin impregnation”. This procedure fills in the stone’s “naturally occurring micro fissures and pores”. It not only strengthens the stone, but also creates a “permanent seal” that resists staining, discolouration, and water damage. This minimizes the need for periodic maintenance while increasing durability and life expectancy. Resin is normally used to bind quartz and other stone aggregates to create man-made stones that are more durable than most natural stones. We took that concept and applied it to natural stone…  to create “enhanced natural stone products” that combine the benefits of both.

Continuous Product Innovation

In our quest to build better products, we employ the latest diamond wire-saw mining techniques [to avoid micro fractures], slab and tile bar coding [to maintain colour and pattern consistency for repeat orders], RFID tracking, and engineered packaging [for safe transport and storage]. Product innovation is an on going process. We continually raise the bar in order to create even better products.

Granite, Marble and Onyx Slabs and Tiles

Our products start as high quality grade “A” stone blocks, sourced from our quarries in in Asia and other parts of the world. The blocks are sent to our state-of-the-art, ISO9002-certified, vertically integrated, stone-working production complex where they are transformed into a wide range of high quality products including granite, marble and onyx slabs and tiles. These products are offered in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses, and even custom dimensions for large orders. 

BNL Natural Stone

Our Company

At BNL Natural Stone, we believe in challenging the industry status quo by making products that are different… Why? - Because we think differently than most companies. We look at problems from the customer’s perspective.

Our Products

Natural stone has one-of–kind beauty that cannot be duplicated. Depending on the source of the stone, and the underlying geological activity that was used to produce it, the aesthetics, grains, patterns, and colours can be truly beautiful. 

Our Process

BNL goes to great lengths to support its product innovations with an advanced, well-designed mining and fabrication process. Our process includes numerous advancements in raw material extraction, production, finishing and shipping.

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