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Luxury and Elegance

Premium Stone Quarries

There is a relatively limited world supply of exceptional natural stone with superior, aesthetic beauty combined with consistently high quality and that is relatively accessible to reduce costs. We went to the mountainous regions of central Asia to access these unique Marble, Granite and Onyx rock deposits. These are the qualities that have come to characterize the essence of BNL Enhanced Natural Stone products.

  1. Our quarries are in specially selected indigenous rock formations whose assays confirm the existence of large, uniform supplies that can meet our needs for the foreseeable future.
  2. Most of our products have uniform grain patterns without veins.
  3. We use coding systems to maintain consistent lot uniformity in colour, grain, texture, cut angle, and design patterns in order to fulfill large orders, and orders that require consistency and predictability over a long period of time.
  4. Our stone products have classic colours and patterns that can meet the needs of a wide range of interior design styles and colour palate requirements

Superior Extraction Techniques

We employ the latest diamond wire- saw techniques for safe, high quality stone extraction. Our wire-saw technology prevents the formation of micro stresses that can affect product quality over time.

High Quality Stone Blocks

Stone blocks are selected through our Quality Control Assessment Program. We process only the best “A” Grade Stones… those that are free from defects, even from very minor internal cracks, faults and flaws that are not visible to the naked eye. Only the stone blocks that pass these tests are processed by our facility.  Lesser quality stones are sold to other processors.

Vertical Integration of Quarries and Manufacturing Plant

Natural stone production, for the most part, is a fragmented industry with numerous sourcing and production points. This can lead to unpredictability of stone quality, patterns, grains, cuts, and finishes. BNL is a vertically integrated supplier and producer of Natural Stone Products. Owning our own production facilities, and controlling all of our quarries through exclusive partnerships and long-term leases allows us to maintain exceptional quality control throughout the whole sourcing and production process.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant and Process

Our Pakistan-based, ISO9002-certified, vertically integrated, stone-working production complex consists of state-of-the-art Italian and Dutch production machinery, and a highly trained and motivated workforce with a quality-conscious company culture. We understand and uphold the belief that high product quality, consistency and predictability are the most important factors for our success.

High Quality Production Processing and Finishing

Our production process is very precise to ensure high quality output. Our slabs and tiles are processed in such a way that we ensure:

  • Uniform thickness throughout the entire product for uniform light reflection and appearance.
  • Square corners, 90-degree edges, and high structural integrity of all products
  • No cracks or chipping on any of our finished products
  • Uniform, high-quality finish throughout all surfaces of our products
  • All tiles are produced according to American and European international specification standards.
  • Our products are tested for product performance using ASTM testing procedures to ensure that they meet all requirements, including high moisture resistance and safety for food preparation
  • No artificial colouring is added that can fade the stone over time

Safe and Secure Packaging

The quality of our products is ensured right through to the packaging and shipping stages. We pack tiles in carton boxes and Styrofoam lined crates. Squared slabs of the same lot are set and strapped onto double sided metal stands or packed in wooden frames for transportation by container. Our packaging is designed and engineered to withstand abnormal shipping and storing conditions.

BNL Natural Stone

Our Company

At BNL Natural Stone, we believe in challenging the industry status quo by making products that are different… Why? - Because we think differently than most companies. We look at problems from the customer’s perspective.

Our Products

Natural stone has one-of–kind beauty that cannot be duplicated. Depending on the source of the stone, and the underlying geological activity that was used to produce it, the aesthetics, grains, patterns, and colours can be truly beautiful. 

Our Process

BNL goes to great lengths to support its product innovations with an advanced, well-designed mining and fabrication process. Our process includes numerous advancements in raw material extraction, production, finishing and shipping.

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