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An Exceptional Business Opportunity

An Exceptional Business Opportunity

Distributing BNL enhanced natural stone is an exceptional business opportunity for the right individual. Our enhanced natural granite, marble and onyx stone slab and tile products are unique, technologically advanced, and aesthetically pleasing. They include such innovations as proprietary resin treatment [to increase stone life and prevent water damage], the latest diamond wire-saw mining techniques [to avoid micro fractures], slab and tile bar coding [to maintain colour and pattern consistency for repeat orders], RFID tracking, and engineered packaging [for safe transport and storage]. As a Canadian-based company, we are now looking for the right partners to introduce our innovative products to the rapidly growing markets around the world. Our vertical integration strategy [source, mine, and manufacture], our highly effective marketing system, our precise operational systems, and our comprehensive Dealership Training Program make this opportunity unique in the industry… one that virtually guarantees success to the right partners. For more information about this unique opportunity, please contact us and we will send you our dealer package. We offer a limited number of dealerships in each market.

BNL Natural Stone

Our Company

At BNL Natural Stone, we believe in challenging the industry status quo by making products that are different… Why? - Because we think differently than most companies. We look at problems from the customer’s perspective.

Our Products

Natural stone has one-of–kind beauty that cannot be duplicated. Depending on the source of the stone, and the underlying geological activity that was used to produce it, the aesthetics, grains, patterns, and colours can be truly beautiful. 

Our Process

BNL goes to great lengths to support its product innovations with an advanced, well-designed mining and fabrication process. Our process includes numerous advancements in raw material extraction, production, finishing and shipping.

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