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How do I clean my BNL enhanced natural stone surface?

Floor Tiles: Its best to dust mop the surface with a microfiber mop. Alternatively you can vacuum the area to remove dust and dirt particles from the floor surface to prevent scratching. Next we recommend that you damp mop the floor with pH neutral soaps such as a mild dish soap and warm water.  Avoid acidic cleaners such as vinegar or lemon.

Counter Tops: Clean BNL enhanced natural stone counter or wall surfaces with pH neatral soap such as a mild dish soap with warm water, or a pH neatral quality spray cleaner. Wipe clean the surface to dry. That’s it. 

Is BNL Enhanced Natural Stone Water Proof?

Our stone is water resistant. This means that water will not permeate into the stone. However, if acidic liquids are left on the surface, they can etch some surfaces such as marble (which is made of calcium carbonate). It is best to wipe liquids off of the surface, and apply warm water to clean (in the case of acids). Then wipe dry.

Do I need to seal BNL Enhanced natural stone once a year?

No, you do not need to seal the stone.

Our Company

At BNL Natural Stone, we believe in challenging the industry status quo by making products that are different… Why? - Because we think differently than most companies. We look at problems from the customer’s perspective.

Our Products

Natural stone has one-of–kind beauty that cannot be duplicated. Depending on the source of the stone, and the underlying geological activity that was used to produce it, the aesthetics, grains, patterns, and colours can be truly beautiful. 

Our Process

BNL goes to great lengths to support its product innovations with an advanced, well-designed mining and fabrication process. Our process includes numerous advancements in raw material extraction, production, finishing and shipping.

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